Jake Gyllenhaal, Zachary Quinto, Jennifer Lopez & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For August 14, 2015

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So many photos, so little time.

Jake Gyllenhaal was bearded and handsome on the red carpet at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association banquet last night. Think he talked to Andrew Garfield about his mustache?

Zachary Quinto for quite the snazzy suit at the premiere of his new movie, Hitman: Agent 47. It co-stars Orlando Bloom‘s look-a-like, Rupert FriendRead More »

Let’s Celebrate Shirtless Man Friday, Meet James Bond’s Newest Ladies: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Shirtless Man Friday

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— Let’s Celebrate The Weekend With Shirtless Man Friday [The Berry]

— Take a Peek at the Newest Bond Girls in James Bond’s Spectre [omgblog]

Stonewall Parody Trailer Perfectly Sums Up the Controversy Surrounding the Film [Towleroad]

— Here’s A Photo Of Ice Cube Riding Space Mountain At Disneyland To Get Your Weekend Started Right [PITNB]

— ICYMI: Rihanna Will Be an Advisor on The Voice [ICYDK]

Khloe Kardashian is “Scared”, She’s “Not Okay With Lamar Odom Ambushing Her” [Celebitchy]


Just Because: Ben Affleck And His Wedding Ring Hang Out In Atlanta, Still Claiming To Have No Connection With The Ex-Nanny

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Hey look guys! It’s Ben Affleck. And he’s still wearing his wedding ring. How adorable.

The Oscar-winner and current star of the gossip world was spotted in Atlanta today, hanging out with his kids ahead of his 43rd birthday tomorrow. I wonder if they’ve got some sort of fun family thing happening tomorrow?

Or maybe Ben will celebrate with a trip to his nearest casino. Either way he’s sure to have a good time. And hey! Maybe that ex-nanny who he has nothing to do with anymore will show up.  Read More »

Jude Law And His Look-A-Like Model Son Rafferty Enjoy A Father Son Outing In London

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Sadly Jude Law was not sporting his pope attire.

But we’re not opposed to staring at Jude in his everyday outfit–especially when he’s hanging out with his very handsome son Rafferty. The father son duo was spotted in London today, clearly having a very important discussion while they walked down the street.

If you’ll notice, Rafferty is sporting some bleached blonde hair now. I wonder if that’s for a new modeling gig? He seems to be doing quite well in the modeling world. Jude must be so proud.  Read More »

Weirdly Mustachioed Andrew Garfield Opens Up About How Excited He Is To Be A ‘Spider-Man’ Fan Again

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First we had to deal with Andrew Garfield and that awful beard for months and end, and now we’ve got Andrew and a proto-pornstache.

Will the upsetting facial hair never cease? Andrew was showing off his new look on the red carpet last night at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual grants banquet. Seriously, the HFPA is so good at getting celebrities together.

While he was on the red carpet, ET was able to ask Andrew about his thoughts on being replaced by newcomer Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Surprisingly he’s very okay with it.  Read More »

Henry Cavill And Armie Hammer Prove They Can Make Anything Sexy By Reading The Phonebook

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Remember that episode of Oprah when she made Anthony Hopkins read her the phonebook? This is like that, but way sexier.

Glamour Magazine got The Man From U.N.C.L.E. stars Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer to participate in their new “Hot Guys Doing Mundane Things” series by, you guessed it, reading them the phonebook. And it’s very amusing.

While Henry does an admirable job–and looks very sexy–this video is all about Armie.  Read More »

Orlando Bloom Looks Beyond Beautiful On The Red Carpet, Talks About His Man Crush On Howard Stern

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Orlando Bloom GIFs
Orlando Bloom The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival
10 reasons we love the actor, in GIFs! Read More »

Listen you guys, last night was a really big, Orlando Bloom filled evening for me. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

First let’s talk about the new love in Orlando’s life (aside from me), Howard Stern. At the premiere of Digging For Fire last night, the big topic of conversation with Mr. Bloom was Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s wedding.

Both People and E! News got the same quotes from him about the wedding (that’s what happens when he comes late and you do a group interview).  Read More »

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Want The Paparazzi To Leave Prince George And Princess Charlotte Alone

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As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge–aka, Prince William and Kate Middleton–know, it’s hard to grow up in the public eye.

Which is why they’re coming down hard on paparazzi who are taking extreme measures to photograph their children, particularly Prince George. In a letter sent to multiple publications and published by Kensington Palace on their official website, Jason Knauf, their communications secretary, went off about how the media has been acting around Prince George.

“It is clear that while paparazzi are always keen to capture images of any senior member of The Royal Family, Prince George is currently their number one target.”  Read More »