Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Shows Off His Massive Muscles And Killer Abs On His Romantic, Hawaiian Vacation

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Do you watch The Bachelor? Was Sean Lowe your favorite? Do you want to stare at his body?

If your answer to any of the questions above was “yes,” then have I got some exciting photos for you! Sean and his wife Catherine Giudici were spotted in Maui, Hawaii today, spending some time on the beach, paddle-boarding and posing with fans.

And of course, for all those things you have to be shirtless. Bless that Sean because he has a seriously amazing body.  Read More »

WATCH: Ricky Martin Goes For A Christian Grey Vibe In This ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Nescafe Commercial

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Ricky Martin for Nescafe Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey
He just wants you to be happy
Ricky Martin GIFs
Ricky Martin
We celebrate our Ricky Martin love with 15 GIFs! Read More »

Someone needs to send those Nescafe folks a thank you card for this commercial perfection.

Sadly, this is will only be airing Latin America, but thanks to the internet we can appreciate Ricky Martin giving us a little Christian Grey hotness in this Fifty Shades of Grey themed Nescafe commercial.

It’s all in Spanish, but thanks to my amazing Spanish skills–lol, jk, thanks to Billboard–we know exactly what the commercial is about. And suffice it to say, Ricky Christian Martin Grey has a very lucky intern.  Read More »

Just Because: Zac Efron Gets Shirtless On Instagram To Make Your Friday Better

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And everyone’s Friday will be better because of it!

Zac Efron shared the above photo on Instagram today with the caption, “Training like Teddy”. In case you don’t remember, Teddy is the name of his character in Neighbors, the one he’s reprised for the sequel, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

Now Zac, I truly appreciate you posting a shirtless photo on Instagram–I really do! But next time could make the photo a bit more close up?  Read More »

Bearded Prince Harry Kicks Off The 2015 Rugby World Cup With A Slew Of Royal Engagements

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Actually, can you call two events “a slew”? Well you know, it’s more than we’ve seen Prince Harry do in the past few months, so a slew it is.

The hot ginger prince was busy last night and this morning as he prepped for the 2015 World Rugby Games in London. Last night was the welcome party where he posed on the red carpet, wore a fancy suit and looked very dignified.

Today it was the opening ceremony and the first game between England and Fiji. And look, even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed up. You know it’s a big deal.  Read More »

Tom Hardy Talks About That Probing Sexuality Question: ‘That’s Nobody’s Business But My Own’

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Tom Hardy

It feels like every time we turn around, there’s a another celebrity talking about their lack of privacy.

This time it’s Tom Hardy, talking to The Daily Beast about that probing sexuality question from a reporter earlier this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. Click here for a full refresher, but basically he did not feel that he needs to open up about his sexuality.

Which is something he reiterated again in his Daily Beast interview. For Tom, his sexuality is part of his private life and not something he needs to share with the world.  Read More »

David Gandy And His Shirtless Body Give Us Our First Look At The New Marks And Spencer Underwear Line

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Oh my god, we didn’t even have to wait as long as I thought we would for some shirtless David Gandy. Yay!

I think we can all agree this is pretty much the greatest gift Friday could give us. Who doesn’t love David Gandy modeling his new Marks & Spencer underwear line in the pages of British GQ? Bless all of this.

The new Gandy for Autograph autumn and winter collection offers something fun and new we didn’t see last time around, which is lots of patterned underwear.  Read More »

The New Beyonce Song Is Here, Megan Fox Joins ‘New Girl’: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— A Blissful New Song from Beyoncé and Naughty Boy Has Arrived, Listen [Towleroad]

Megan Fox Joins New Girl During Zooey Deschanel‘s Maternity Leave [Evil Beet Gossip]

Ahmed Mohamed, the Clock-Making Teen, is Thankfully Transferring to Another School [Celebitchy]

— We All Need to Take Out Our Aggressions On a Donald Trump Piñata [omgblog]

Michael Fassbender Meets The Weird Sisters In This Scene From Macbeth [PITNB]

Rihanna Is No Role Model (And She Knows It) [ICYDK]

Zac Efron, Kate Middleton, Josh Groban & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For September 17, 2015

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Efron & Franco
Zac Efron In 'The Interview' Masturbate James Franco Dave Skylark
The duo promoted 'The Interview' in this hilarious video Read More »

So many photos, so little time.

Zac Efron gave us very few good photos to work with today from the set of Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. This was the best one. He’s hot. Look at those arms. The shirt is tight.

Kate Middleton Sorry, sorry, I know we’re supposed to called her Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. So, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge showed off her new hair today visited a mental health treatment center today. It was her first royal engagement since Princess Charlotte‘s birth.  Read More »