Miley Cyrus Covers Up Her Body And Opens Up About Her Life For ‘Elle Magazine’

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What’s that? Miley Cyrus isn’t wearing next to nothing for once and is actually wearing a cute, conservative outfit? I never thought I’d see the day.

Miley was recently featured on the cover of Elle Magazine wearing a Marc Jacobs long sleeved sequined top and matching pants, a rare occasion for the normally scantily clad singer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Miley’s outrageous outfits, girl can rock them for sure, but I also love this because it shows she’s got more than one side to her. I like that.  Read More »

Anna Kendrick Has Fun On The Set Of ‘Cake’ With Jennifer Aniston

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Now, we’ve discussed my girl crush on Anna Kendrick right?

She’s funny, adorable, does a mean impression of a 90s kid on drugs–basically, she’s the best. So clearly I’m super excited to photos of Anna on the set of her new movie, Cake. That’s the one that Jennifer Aniston was shooting in a cemetery last week.

While the movie about a grieving mother is clearly sad, Anna has somehow figured out a way to make her time on the set hysterical.  Read More »

WATCH: Man Records His Adorable Daughter’s Saturday Morning Routine For Three Months

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How enthusiastic are you on Saturday mornings?
More Cuteness
Check out this little girl jamming out to 'We Built This City'. Read More »

Ah, Saturday mornings. The day that marks the official start of the too-short weekend where we just want to relax and unwind after a strenuous week.

Unless you’re this father, or any parent for that matter, you get to experience absolute serenity with a nice hot cup of coffee.

For three months, this man recorded his daughter’s routine for Saturday morning. Hilarity and cuteness ensue almost immediately. Plus, I have to give her kudos for her musical appreciation. Read More »

Anne Hathaway Says Her Favorite Princess Is Kate Middleton

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When someone asks me who my favorite princess is I always think in terms of Disney (my fav is definitely Snow White), but Anne Hathaway took a different approach.

Anne appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new movie Rio 2, and was asked by a little girl via Instagram who her favorite princess is. After thinking a minute, Anne answered Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. A perfect answer. Nice one, Anne.  Read More »

Beyonce Is Out Magazine’s Woman Of Power

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When you think “power” who immediately comes to mind? Because if it’s not Beyonce, the undisputed Queen of the World, then you might want to reconsider.

Queen Bey was the obvious choice for OUT Magazine, and she covers their May Power Issue. Look at her, channeling that blonde bombshell goddess look, proving that she does, in fact, own us.

So where does Beyonce get some of her undeniable power from? “There is unbelievable power in ownership,” she told the magazine, “and women should own their sexuality.”  Read More »

Who Outshone Her Fellow Stars Of ‘The Other Woman’? Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Or Leslie Mann?

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Need An Intro?
Kate Upton In 'The Other Woman'
Check out the boobalicious trailer for 'The Other Woman' Read More »

Premiering John Tucker Must Die 2 all over the world, the stars have been looking absolutely sensational on the red carpet.

Oh, wait, the movie is called The Other Woman and it isn’t a John Tucker sequel at all. Still, I always feel as though I’m watching a movie from eight years ago.

At least the stars and their fashion choices are distracting me from the similarities of the movies. But who was the best dressed in Germany? Read More »

Scarlett Johansson Opens Up About Life And Love In ‘Glamour Magazine’

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Scarlett Johansson recently did a photo shoot for the May cover of Glamour Magazine, and the pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous. Of course. Would we expect anything less from her?

Scarlett posed in a number of different outfits for the shoot, and my hands down favorite was a lace black dress with splashes of color throughout it. It looked amazing on her, and if she got to keep that dress I’ll be so jealous.  Read More »

Matt Bomer Keeps It Suited & Sexy At The Alliance For Children’s Rights Dinner

April 8th, 2014 // 1 Comment
23 Matt Bomer GIFS
Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer is even better in GIF form. Read More »

What’s this? Matt Bomer graced the red carpet with his presence last night? Let us rejoice!

The White Collar actor looked like the picture of perfection on the red carpet last night at the 2014 Alliance For Children’s Rights Dinner held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. While Matt’s best red carpet accessories were his eyes, he was also joined by White Collar co-stars Tim DeKay and Willie Garson.

I wonder if they’re cherishing every moment together, as this will be their last season of the hit show. Sadness.  Read More »