Padma Lakshmi Eats Lots Of Testicles, David Spade’s May Be Next

In a “Will they use this as my soundbyte?” moment, Padma Lakshmi, star of Bravo’s Top Chef admitted that in her lifetime she’d eaten a lot of testicles. Who could blame her.

“I’ve had bull cajones…I’ll try anything once,” she said, which may be in reference to her being spotted out on a date with comedian David Spade. While they tried to act as if they weren’t together, they both hopped in his jeep after dinner. Funny, I thought Padma had good taste!

If you’ll remember, Padma just had her daughter Krishna in February but has refused to tell people who the father is, but many speculate it is venture capitalist and Columbia Business School teacher Michael Dell.

I personally think it’s David Crosby’s baby.