Package Watch: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

April 10th, 2006 // 13 Comments

We have to say that we are a tad disappointed with Jonathan Rhys Meyers‘ package. We were expecting a bit more from this pretty boy.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Becky

    Yikes! He does have a wee little dingly. (Couldn’t help it; I visited the URL kindly left by Dorsia.)

  2. Madi

    I love this blog. I thought I was the only perverted person staring at other people’s packages…glad to know I’m not alone. Meyers is cute, small package but cute.

  3. timmons622

    Duh…like ANY penis, unless we see it fully erect, we’ll never know its true size.

    Find pics of THAT, then we’ll talk…

  4. ravenswing

    Thanks for that link Dorsia!! If you look at the first image at that link (and how does one get a subscription to People Australia), and look at the pic in the top right, he looks gifted. But any guy, soft, is gonna look small.

    But with those eyes, mmmmmm, I’d still hit it.

  5. MarkyMark

    Jeez there have been full-frontal screen-caps of him from various movies/TV all over the Internet for years. Its no big thing…

  6. Tine

    Looks fine to me! I have seen many cocks and doesn’t everyone know they can be quite deceiving when soft?! I agree with Timmons…

  7. j-me

    say what you want about the hand/package link being bogus, but i had my suspicions looking at his stubby man-paws in velvet goldmine, way back when.

  8. K dog

    Being a cock possesor, i think that’s a pretty big “package” or i guess that could also mean mine is just extremely small.

    Only time will tell.

  9. symelanguage

    well compared to the huge dildoes people love these days anything is going to look small by comparison.

  10. timmons622

    It’s all in his thumbs. Any man’s thumbs. Check and compare to his erection and you’ll see what I mean….

  11. Ari

    He’s probably a bottom anyway, so who cares? He is so delicous!!! *licks screen*

  12. Anonie

    Nah, don’t be fooled. Jonny’s hung like an Irish piebald horse. ;-)

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