Package Watch: Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

April 28th, 2006 // 8 Comments

So which is the real thing?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. PleaseThink

    Who would of ever thought he had that much going on down there. Hmmm. Makes me a little hungry!!!

  2. moss

    I woulda thought it… he is HAWT.

  3. mutterhals

    He is only sexy as Wolverine. Grrrr…

  4. dboy

    That’s not Wolverine, that’s his alter-ego Codpiece.

  5. Draya

    I SO lust for “Huge” Jackman!!

  6. Emma in London

    Does Wolverine have an Adamantium cock? Wouldn’t mind finding out…….

  7. Khrystal Leight

    Yes it is true. Hugh is one of the hottest and endowed actors in Hollywood. I live for his machisimo!!

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