Ozzy Went To Rehab Under The Impression That There Would Be a Bar

I know this is an old story, but this should be told and re-told. Like a beautiful fable. And maybe filmed.

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed wife Sharon tricked him into going to rehab by
telling him there would be a bar.

Ozzy told Hello magazine: “After Kelly was born, Sharon told me about a
place where they teach you to drink properly. I said ‘Oh, what’s that – the pub?’

“She told me it was called the Betty Ford Center. And I thought, ‘That’s it! I’ve been doing it wrong!’

“So I walk in, expecting to watch a demonstration of how to drink a Martini,
and I say, ‘Hi Betty Ford, can you show me where the bar is?’ “This receptionist is like, ‘What?!’ ”

I know supposedly he’s sober now and stuff, but if he is – what the f*ck? I’d say more but Sharon Osbourne literally punches people in the face or sends her feces in the mail to people who diss her and her family, so I’m not taking any chances. That bitch is scary.

Sharon Osbourne tricked Ozzy into rehab by promising drink [London.net]

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