Owen Wilson’s Suicide Attempt Adds Somber Undertone to “Darjeeling Limited”

Adrien Brody, who is so exactly as skinny as my ex-boyfriend, that friends of mine teased me at the Oscar party where we watched him kiss Halle Berry on stage by saying, “Look, your BOYFRIEND is kissing Halle Berry!” is seen here, out and about with his actual girlfriend, Elsa Patakay. The two are in Malibu, while Adrien’s new film, “Darjeeling Limited,” which also stars Owen Wilson, is being promoted, with the trailer for the movie playing in movie theaters and available to watch online. I have to say, I took a peek at the trailer, after reading on Film Crunch that seeing it in the midst of the suicide attempt made by Owen Wilson definitely gives the film an even darker undertone that I’m sure had originally been intended. His character wears mysterious bandages around his head and hands and you kind of get the feeling you’re watching Owen right before his lowest point. In any case, I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan, so I’ll be sure to go check it out in theaters when I get a chance, and either way, I’d like to think that it would help cheer Owen up if his movie does well.