Owen Wilson Is Kate Hudson’s Love Crutch

Heartache is a bitch.  In Touch Weekly reports that after splitting with A-Rod, Kate Hudson has run back into the arms of Owen Wilson.  Hudson and Wilson have a long and sordid history, enduring Owen’s suicide attempt and Kate’s many romantical endeavors. 

“They hadn’t seen each other for some time, but when things took a turn
for the worse
with Alex, Kate got in touch with Owen. They are
reestablishing their friendship — we’ll see what happens.”

Inside sources claim there’s still something there between the two actors, who have been on and off since February 2008.   Sh*it or get off the pot, I say.  If you can’t keep your paws off each other, then make it official.  2010 is all about new beginnings and keeping it real.
Gallery Info: Owen Wilson refuels at a popular fish joint in Hawaii on December 28, 2009 while I sit in frigid Massachusetts.  At my parents’ house.