Owen Wilson Back To The Grind

Good for him. Vacationing with Woody Harrelson on a slightly homoerotic men’s retreat to Peru and Hawaii has done him some good. Owen Wilson is set to start work on his first film since his suicide attempt in August. Owen Wilson says eff your death pool, he’s fine! Though, he might still be a little distraught seeing as he chose to work with Jennifer Aniston in a movie about a puppy.

In “Marley & Me”, Owen stars as a columnist in Miami who’s married to Jennifer Aniston and owns “an incredible puppy named Marley”. You’d have to literally club me over the head with a bat and leave my dead body in the theatre. Shooting begins March 19, and the movie is set for a release date of Dec. 19. Just in time for Christmas. A really shitty Christmas!

Photos: Splash