Owen Wilson’s First Interview Since The Incident

Owen Wilson is going to be giving his first interview since he tried to cash his chips in on MySpace and it will supposedly be posted tonight at midnight. He will be bringing tablets down from the mountain.There’s no word yet on whether or not Owen will be talking about what happened.

In the interview, to be posted online Friday at midnight, Wilson talks with the director of his latest film, The Darjeeling Limited, as part of the MySpace Artist on Artist series, according to USA Today.

There is no word on whether Wilson will address his recent troubles.

In September, at the Venice Film Festival, Anderson said that his friend was “doing well.” He added: “When he’s ready he’s going to speak for himself much better than anyone else could. He has a very good way with words.”

To ignore it would be like ignoring the crackhead in your room that’s rifling through your drawers looking for spare change. Hopefully, he can address it and move on. Blame it all on Kate Hudson. That’s what I would do. You know she’s trying to get back with him so she can torment his ass further. Is she in his will or some shit?

Photos: Flynet Online