Owen Wilson’s Alive And Well

Owen Wilson made a suprise appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of his new flick, “The Darjeeling Limited. As you may recall, Owen’s been in recovery from a suicide attempt a couple of weeks ago. He looks happy and healthy here! Then again, I can’t focus too much on him because my glam-rock lover Adrien Brody is showing off his snazzy new sex agent suit. And on the other end, as if she’s the opposite gorgeous bookend, is Natalie Portman. Her dress is made out of fiery love! His friends all embraced his tragic ass.

Wilson, 38, sidestepped the red carpet and entered the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Samuel Goldwyn Theatre through a private entrance, surprising the audience by joining costars Jason Schwartzman, Natalie Portman and Anjelica Huston onstage.

Shown a very warm welcome back into the spotlight, Wilson was introduced by director Wes Anderson as “my best friend,” and the audience erupted into applause. Added Anderson: “I’ve never made a movie without him. and I hope I never have to.”

In all honesty, it’s good that his ass is up and running. Most of his movies are dumb as hell, but no one wants to see people in that much pain. Except for Paris Hilton. Why cant’s she get the blues and reach for the Lady Bic?


Many more photos (Adrien Brody, James Van Der Beek, Natalie Portman, Kelly Lynch, Jason Schwartzman, Robert Swartzman, Phoebe Price, Wes Anderson) of ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ Premiere – Arrivals held at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after the jump.