Owen Wilson Dating The Bionic Woman?

Shouldn’t people who recently tried to commit suicide slow it down a bit? Maybe take a moment to revaluate their situation? Not Owen Wilson. He’s already been back to making his way through the womenfolk, and reports are saying that he’s all up in the Bionic Woman, Michelle Ryan! What happened to Jessica Simpson and the unfortunately named Le Call? Michelle’s British and gets criticized because the evil Bionic Woman on her show is more interesting than she is. The two of them have been seen breaking bread at Nobu in Maibu and boogie boarding at the beach together. Fun! Hopefully Owen’s wetsuit has long sleeves. A source says that Michelle is “pretty innocent about how this whole town works, which Owen finds endearing. And then there’s that British sense of humour.” You’d probably have to have a sense of humor to ease the tension. Owen’s probably straight up and like, yeah I was doing a lot of drugs and got really sad. He seems forthcoming like that.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online/WENN