Our Ongoing Coverage Of The “Sex And The City” Feature Film Continues


You know we’re gonna bring you every picture we can from this flick. Yes, I want to see what they’re wearing. Per usual, Carrie looks like a jackass, Samantha looks like a call girl, Charlotte looks like every woman that’s banging her trainer, and Miranda…well, I have a soft spot for Miranda. I kinda like what she’s wearing. Oh, and apparently Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall might not have buried the nail file entirely. If you’ll recall, Kim was rumored to be the sole obstacle to turning “SATC” into a movie because she wanted as much money as Sarah. Everything was supposedly fixed, and everyone’s all Care Bears except that Kim fled the reunion party the other night in a huff.

The actress was apparently “scowling” as she left the bash at Butter restaurant to celebrate the start of filming Sex and the City: The Movie.

A source told the New York Daily News: “Kim left earlier than the others and was wearing a scowl. She was just shooting a dirty look at the paparazzi.”

The source added: “Thirty minutes later the other two left, with big smiles on their faces. Kristen climbed into a town car and Sarah looked like she was walking home.”

Maybe she had a date or something. Kim’s a hot bitch, and she doesn’t need to be hanging around some boring cast party. Unless Mario Cantone was there. He’s a hot bitch, too.