Our Lord And Saviour Made Our New Favorite Clutch

The socialite set is always looking for something new and and enviable to tote around town.  So whilst perusing objects to nourish my soul on PurseBlog, one clutch, the “Olympus Teneo,” caught my eye.  It was outrageous.  It was outside the boundaries of mainstream fashion.  It had a giant crucifix.  We’re talking ripped-from-the-alter-of-your-local-church/worn-exclusively-by-nuns crucifix. Bananas Bananas Bananas (or in this case, Python Python Python).

The object came courtesy of Our Lord And Saviour, a line created by the designer behind Hunting Season, Jason Salstein.  Salstein has developed a strong following among the pretty girls (and boy): Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Keri Russell, Liya Kidebe, Karolina Kurkova, Mary J. Blige, Rachel Roy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson, Anne Dexter Jones, Jessica Szohr, Victoria Traina, Sean Avery, Diane Kruger, Paula Patton and Kate Hudson.

Our Lord And Saviour focuses on high quality exotic leathers.  The python (featured) retails for $3,265 and a crocodile version retails for $8,695.  No doubt the good Catholics among us will tote it over to the Vatican for a blessing, then apres head somewhere stately for dinner.

Natch, this bag carries with it some controversy (I mean, there’s a crucifix staring you right in the face), but there’s something about this clutch that combines the divine with the luxurious.  Salstein explained the inspiration for his new line.

“I wanted to create a brand that already had a legacy and
a history built in. I wanted to bring back emotion and couture
qualities in the handbag market. Everything is handmade with Our Lord
& Saviour.

The crucifix was not for shock value at all, but rather an
introduction of the sacred Gothic aesthetic I want to convey. It just
happens to be the subject that receives a lot of attention and moves me
the most and others as well.

I look at the clutch as a true work of art, every detail has been
thought out from the inscription on the scroll, to the crown of thorns,
and nails in the hands and feet. I want to create bags that have the
same effect as true masters.

Check out the images of our flavorite stars carrying Hunting Season designs.