Our Favorite Top 10 Quotes From Silver Fox Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper & His BF
Anderson Cooper with boyfriend Ben Maisani.
Anderson Cooper is one hot commodity, word on the street is that he’s been tapped to replace Mat Lauer on NBC’s Today show. The CNN host has gathered positive reviews as a TV personality, with his own talk show Anderson Live.

The daytime talk show- showcases another, less serious side of Cooper. Thursday’s episode, has comedian actress Katy Griffin as co-host. The duo’s on-screen chemistry is undeniably humorous. Which comes as no surprise, with the recent rumors of the pair teaming up for a spin off show. The comedic eposide involves Griffin and Cooper calling a hotline to mourn the superhot Drive star, Ryan Gosling’s break from acting. 

“You mentioned Ryan Gosling, and I read this thing recently that he said he’s kind of going to take a step back from acting because he needs to learn more about himself,” Cooper said to Griffin on his talk show Anderson Live. “I feel like it’s a dagger in my heart because I feel like Ryan Gosling doesn’t know that you and I broke up and that I’m seeing other people,” a flirty Griffin joked.

One thing is for sure, Cooper is not stepping out of the limelight anytime soon.

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