Our *Exclusive* Interview With ‘Flipping Out’ Star Jenni Pulos

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jenni Pulos, Jeff Lewis’s steady rock on Bravo’s hit series, Flipping Out.  Pulos has been a busy bee as of late.  Not only is Flipping Out currently filming its fifth season (premiering this summer), but Pulos and Lewis will star in a new Bravo series Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis.  As if Pulos’s plate isn’t full enough, she’ll also guest-star on the May 12th episode of The Young And The Restless as none other than Jennifer the wedding planner.

And that catchy tune on Watch What Happens: Live?  The would be the work of one Jenni Pulos.  We caught up with the lady-with-many-a-hat to talk about her guest spot on the popular soap, how the heck she puts up with a very high-strung (yet loveable) Jeff Lewis, and whether or not Pulos’s alter ego, Deb will be hired full time.

And may I say, Pulos is gracious, humble and friendly as hell.  Deb was another story.  She’s got a mouth on her, that one.

Did you know Pulos was a star tennis player in high school who almost went on to play for UCLA?  She gave it up to study acting instead, but I’m sure she’d be glad to kick our ass on the court any old day.

SL: What was your initial reaction when The Young & the Restless called?

JP: I definitely have been a Y&R fan for a while. My grandma used to watch, so growing up, I remember having it on every day. I was very flattered. My uncle used to watch, and my cousin still watches. It’s one of the greats. I’m so excited and I was surprised because I’ve never done one.

SL: You’re the wedding planner, right?

JP: Yes, Jennifer. I’m marrying Ashley and Tucker.

SL: Is there any sort of soap opera drama accompanying that? Are you going to run off with the groom?

JP: You’ll just have to watch. I will tell you that there are some juicy things coming up on Y&R. It’s good stuff and everyone should be tuning in on May 12.

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SL: The fans of Flipping Out love the dynamic between you and Jeff Lewis. What is the funniest thing that ever happened while you worked for Jeff?

JP: Some of our clients have been outrageous. We just like to make each other laugh all the time.

SL: How is (your alter eg0) Deb doing?

JP: She’s doing great [laughs]. She still has no health insurance. She has no raise and blew out her knee.

SL: It sounds like Deb needs a vacation.

JP: She totally does. Deb picks up a lot of the slack.

SL: Jeff has threatened to make Deb a full-time employee.

JP: Yeah, he has. We don’t know who is coming or going. There’s also a huge surprise in season 5.

SL: I wanted to ask you about your new show, Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis. What can fans expect?

JP: We’re going to move into the house for a week and redesign as much as we can tackle. The pilot was a grueling experience. I think Jeff would agree that it was one of the hardest things we’ve done. We were on a time crunch and Jeff doesn’t do anything halfway. We had to try to change their ways. They really did make changes, and that’s what I love about the show. Everyone should tune in. There’s something for everyone.

SL: I have one final question from your fans and they want to know – what is the best part about being a “Bravolebrity?”

JL: Bravo treats their people very well. They’ve built an incredible brand and the best part is all the opportunities for all of the Bravolebrities. They’re good to us and it’s been fun. Personally, working with a team of executives that have treated with respect and care, we’ve become like a family. It’s been a really great experience.

Make sure to catch Pulos on the May 12th episode of The Young And The Restless.