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This is gruesome. Actor Ving Rhames’ dogs turned on his caretaker and mauled him to death. Ugh. That’s a horror flick.

Cops tell TMZ the victim worked as a caretaker for Rhames, watching over the dogs and his home. The four dogs, Mastiffs and an English Bulldog, have been taken into custody by Animal Control. When they received the call this morning at 7:15, they say they found a black male on the front lawn, deceased.
Calls to Ving’s reps were not immediately returned, and the actor, apparently, is out of town.

Local news reports state the caretaker had bites all over his body. They’re also saying that police are still investigating the possibility that the man suffered a heart attack during the attack and maybe that’s what killed him.

That’s one of those horrific freak accident weirdo stories that you hear. That’s all I have. A guy’s dead, I’m not gonna snark. Who am – Bellatrix LeStrange?

By J. Harvey

  1. maybe michael vick is an innovator…

  2. T-Bone

    I’ve known lots of mastiffs and English bulldogs and none of them were vicious. Something’s up.

  3. green cardigan

    There are certain types of dogs though, dobermans, pit bulls, rottweilers that have been known to flip for no apparent reason and attack with the view to killing.

    Unfortuanate man, wrong place, wrong time. RIP.

  4. peachpie

    evil gruesome bella might not even laugh at this. wait. who am i kidding. sure she would.

  5. l

    Very sad story. Absolutely love the last second Harry Potter reference though.

  6. There has to be more to the story. The only thing most mastiffs would attack is an uncooperative pillow at nap time.

    Feel bad for the man that passed though.

    (Two thumbs up on the HP ref!!)

  7. sad

    Yea, in a situation like this, you never know. The dogs could have “flipped” or the caretaker could have acted aggressivly toward the animals and they turned on him. Anything. We will never know the truth, I guess.

  8. Clementines

    I’m talking to a vet and he says the dogs may have tried to bite him awake, or rouse him from his moans and groans while he was suffering a heart attack..?

  9. Suz

    Dogs are not naturally *that* vicious-they are taught that type of behavior. NOw, the poor man is dead and the dogs will most likely be destroyed. ALL PROFOUNDLY SAD AND ALL COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE. Someone has to be held accountable and I am thinking it is the ownerof the dogs…

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