The Oscars Prevail!

The producer of the Oscars, Gil Cates, has hinted at the possibility of an Plan B for the Academy Awards telecast, should the strike not be resolved by that time. An alternative show, which would most likely rely heavily on pre-taped segments, will also probably include industry bigwigs using their own words during the presentation of the awards. I’m guessing they’d also be hoping for some serious long-winded speeches to fill up the time, so they might want to think about giving the “Wrap It Up” orchestra the night off.

The awards ceremony is still scheduled to take place February 24th, but there has been no concrete confirmation of an “alternative” plan for the show, in case the writers’ strike stretches on until then. Additionally, it’s widely held that the WGA will encourage SAG members to eschew red carpet appearances should the stand-off continue through that time.

Dammit, all I want is to see some ugly dresses and make fun of people who clearly spent way too much time practicing their surprised faces when they win. That and crying–I love the crying.