Oscar Red Carpet Hosts Are Donkeys

Yeah, so you know every year that the people with the mikes on the red carpet are going to make idiotic statements or ask irritating questions? I know it’s not the time for deep Charlie Rose-like interviewing or discussion, but tighten up your game. This means you, Seacrest. I give Joan Rivers a pass because she’s one jillion.

Looking at Maggie Gyllenhaal’s feather-trimmed dress, Rivers asks her, “How many pigeons died for that?”

- He’s nominated for an Oscar. There’s speculation that he might run for President. Yet what does Seacrest ask Al Gore? If he ever hangs out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

- While talking to a Vera Wang-clad Rachel Weisz, Seacrest notes that the designer is popular on this red carpet, musing, “There’s a lot of Wang here tonight.”

God, he’s a tard. Read on for more.

o Seacrest asking Michael Sheen (who played Tony Blair in The Queen) if there is a “dirty side” to costar Helen Mirren. Poor Sheen didn’t escape torture from Rivers, either. Below, the exchange that shames American education:

Rivers: “What do you think about Tony Blair? ‘Cause you’re English.”
Sheen: “Well, Welsh.”
Rivers: “I know, but Wales IS in England.”
Sheen: “Well, over here it is.”

Michael Sheen’s funny. Thanks for making us look sharp, Nana.