Oscar Red Carpet Hosts Are Donkeys

February 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Yeah, so you know every year that the people with the mikes on the red carpet are going to make idiotic statements or ask irritating questions? I know it’s not the time for deep Charlie Rose-like interviewing or discussion, but tighten up your game. This means you, Seacrest. I give Joan Rivers a pass because she’s one jillion.

Looking at Maggie Gyllenhaal’s feather-trimmed dress, Rivers asks her, “How many pigeons died for that?”

- He’s nominated for an Oscar. There’s speculation that he might run for President. Yet what does Seacrest ask Al Gore? If he ever hangs out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

- While talking to a Vera Wang-clad Rachel Weisz, Seacrest notes that the designer is popular on this red carpet, musing, “There’s a lot of Wang here tonight.”

God, he’s a tard. Read on for more.

o Seacrest asking Michael Sheen (who played Tony Blair in The Queen) if there is a “dirty side” to costar Helen Mirren. Poor Sheen didn’t escape torture from Rivers, either. Below, the exchange that shames American education:

Rivers: “What do you think about Tony Blair? ‘Cause you’re English.”
Sheen: “Well, Welsh.”
Rivers: “I know, but Wales IS in England.”
Sheen: “Well, over here it is.”

Michael Sheen’s funny. Thanks for making us look sharp, Nana.

By J. Harvey

  1. EraserFan

    Sadly I missed the Oscars because I was busy punching myself repeatedly in the balls. Who won folks? I won.

  2. sandy

    Ryan has no business on the red carpet. He’s lame.
    And Joan Rivers screeching voice and frozen alien face was just scary.

  3. Cactus Head


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