Oscar Nomination “Oohs” and “Ahs”

With the announcement of the Oscar nominations now sinking in for all the nominees themselves, People magazine took a look at the gut reactions of some of those in contention for this year’s Oscars. Here are some of my favorites, which we’re going to read now because I’m editor, dammit. From People:

“I’m sitting here in shock right now. I can’t believe it. To be able to be here today and be a part of such greatness, there are no words for it. It’s hard to even get past this moment right now. I don’t want to get to crying, but this is so far beyond anything.” -Jennifer Hudson, Best Supporting Actress, Dreamgirls, on the Today show

I was able to put my real-life experiences with the Boston police to good use after all. After all the torture I have put them through, to know they cried happy tears today – I’ll think about that for a while.” -Mark Wahlberg, Best Supporting Actor, The Departed, to Variety

“I’ve been laughing, crying, hollering, whooping and leaping around. …This isn’t supposed to happen to a girl who grew up in a tiny town. I was told the only way I’d have a career as an actress would be if I could settle for playing fat girls.” -Kate Winslet, Best Actress, Little Children, to Variety

Now, I know how shocked you all still are at the glaring omission of Paris Hilton’s turn as Victoria English in National Lampoon’s “Pledge This!” However, don’t fret, she’s still in production on “The Hottie and the Nottie,” which (after this blog post) has Oscar buzz.

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