Oscar Dresses & Hair – The Bad

March 1st, 2005 // 6 Comments

The woman looked as if she couldn’t breathe or move all night long.

This is what is called a hair don’t.

One more after the jump.

Slightly better than the Golden Globes debacle, but still not cutting it.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tDotBiotch

    She always looks like she just sucked a lemon.

  2. Brandij

    I agree..she always looks like she ate a mouth full of sour candy…she annoys me with that face…. and SJ’s hair looks awful. Why would she think her hair looks cute? It looks like a bad perm….

  3. NP

    I love Natalie Portman’s dress.

  4. I Cosign on everything my brilliant blog wife said. Fashionweekdaily noted that Scarlett’s stylist had a touch of bronchitis, which would explain the meaning of the coif. The hair may have been thwarted by spasmodic fits of pneumatic coughing.

  5. Rob

    Im still trying to find something attractive about Renee…she looks like an anorexic cupie doll.

  6. Nell

    Bah what is wrong with you people?! I love Scarlet’s hair! Very renaisance/ Pre-rapaelite. She’s stunning.

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