Oscar Buzz For Natalie Portman Over ‘Swan’

Just earlier today we reported that Black Swan was opening the Venice Film Festival and Natalie Portman is getting rave reviews for her performance, with some saying this could be the film that lands her an Academy Award.

I feel as though that would be a reach considering that it seems to be more sci-fi or thriller/supernatural despite looking beautifully shot. But who knows…

In a New York mag round-up of first impressions from the aforementioned festival, the movie is generally praised, but Portman is being absolutely applauded. Movie awards blog In Contention calls Portman’s performance “as dangerous, and oddly touching, as Portman has ever allowed herself to be.”

Screen International writer Mike Goodridge drops all pretense and lays it on the line: “If the film is ultimately too unsettling to snag main prizes, it has at least one nomination in the bag for lead actress Natalie Portman who gives one of ‘those’ performances, transforming herself after ten months of training into an accomplished ballerina, almost uncomfortable to watch as she consumes her difficult role.

Here she is, beautiful as usual in a stunning red gown, at the premiere of her film!