Oscar Nominees Who Need To Make A Motion Picture Together [PHOTOS]

Jennifer Lawrence
The star in Prabal Gurung last night.
Put your vivid imagination into play:

You are on a set where David O. Russell is to your left and Quentin Tarantino is giving you that creepy stare of his, mumbling something to himself while Anne Hathaway is dramatically flinging her arms to exaggerate her lines on her manuscript.

Jennifer Lawrence is laughing with Robert De Niro and Denzel Washington as they sit for makeup.

You notice that the ominous set is festooned with gold accented frames and 1960s props and anticipate that Tarantino is cooking up a grainy high contrasted pulp noir film with producer Stacey Sher. 

Well wouldn’t that all be a treat if these sensational Oscar nominees got together to create a master piece! There is just way too much talent to handle within the categories at this year’s Academy Awards.

One would only hope that several would colaborate to create something worth being nominated next year. Especially with Sher as producer as she has been behind Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, Garden State, and Matilda. All pretty rad movies. That’s a fact.

Perhaps even Mia Wallace will make an appearance on this film too like she did in Kill Bill!

 Load the gallery to see who would be part of this motion picture.