Orlando Bloom Should Definitely Talk Shit About Alexis Neiers

But he’s too much of a class act.

Alexis Neiers is getting locked away for stealing stuff from Orlando Bloom and we find ourselves with a smile just like Orlando’s. Of course his is probably because he’s a nice guy while we are excited that a spoiled fame whore was actually held responsible for her actions. Anything really is possible in Hollywood.

As Orlando left Enoteca Drago restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday he was surrounded by paparazzi who were dying to get his reaction. His reaction was, he thought the whole paparazzi thing was hysterical. “That’s hilarious” and “That’s so funny, dude” were his only replies to questions. Then he told the paps to “Have a great day!”

See, nice guy. Me, LMFAO at her Twitter.

Check out the live action version in the video after the jump.