Orlando Bloom Likes Things Green

We’re not talking about peas and toads people. We’re talking about the environment. Olrando Bloom was one of the many celebrities attending a pre-Oscar party to benefit Global Green USA. He’s building an eco-friendly house in London and is encouraging others to do the same.

Orlando Bloom said, “It (the house) is as green as I can make it. It’s got solar panels on the roof, energy efficient light bulbs – newer technology basically that is environmentally friendly.”

The actor, who will be able to plug in his hybrid car into the ‘green house’, adds of the difference others can make, “It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, there are simple things we can do.”

More photos (Olivier Martinez, Penelope Cruz, Monica Cruz, Chevy Chase, James Blunt, Petra Nemcova, Maroon 5, Andrea Bowen, Diane Krueger and Joshua Jackson) from the Global Green USA pre-Oscar party benefit after the jump.