Orlando Bloom Hates Watching His Movies

August 2nd, 2007 // 5 Comments

Hmm. I have a feeling that “Elizabethtown” has more than a little something to do with that. Bloom said that he has no interest in watching his performances because he’s still so self-conscious of his acting abilities.

“I’ve never even watched one of the DVDs. I sometimes think it would be nice to show your kids one day. “Sometimes I catch a glimpse in hotel rooms or on planes, and think, ‘Eurggh, is that what I was doing?’”

Aww, poor Orlando. Does he know that he’s named after the fakest city in America? Trust me, it is. I was born there, which explains a lot, don’t you think? Meanwhile, it seem that there’s a possibility that Orlando Bloom will never watch the sequel to “Da Vinci Code,” because there’s a rumor floating around that he may be in it. Josh Tyler of Cinema Blend reports that he’s received a tip that Bloom is set to make a cameo in “Angels & Demons” alongside Tom Hanks and Gisele Bundchen. I guess the truth of this all depends on whether or not the draw of working with supermodel Gisele Bundchen is stronger than the terror of working with strangely puffy Tom Hanks with the creepy hair. Only time will tell.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Candy Apple

    I love Orlando. It’s the city that Mickey built. I know that a lot of people around Orlando hate all the tourism, but without it, where would everyone work? (I’m just expressing my opinion, Lisa, I’m not trying to inflame you. And anyhow, I’m from Ohio so what the hey do I know?)

  2. Laurita

    Funny…I hate watching his movies too…unless I turn the sound WAY down. Mmmmmmmm…Orlandoooooo…

  3. Maybe Tom’s on HGH?

    He certinly does have that “Stallone Puff” going on in any case.



    He is hot with the molester Mustache.. But he is even hotter because he is dating the HOTNESS that is Naomie Harris..

    I love them both!

  5. ddddd

    that’s funny….so do i.

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