Orlando Bloom Gives us the Thumbs-Up!

July 11th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Look at him, appearing so slight and positive at the same time. Orlando Bloom is cute, I guess, but he seems like such a delicate little fellow. I think I might accidentally break his arm, were we to ever make out. And his jaunty little mustache and scarf aren’t doing him any favors in the aesthetic department. At the very least, though, this makes it look like he’s got a sense of humor about himself, which is HOT.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. mg

    It is SUMMER, Orlando! Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is Winter, there is no need for a scarf. What a pansy.

  2. Persistent Cat

    North of the border, that’s not hot. He looks french. That’s never hot.

  3. Persistent Cat

    Eeek, yeah, how’d I miss that scarf? I guess I couldn’t get past the french ‘stache.

  4. adamblast

    The mustache is required for a role he’s currently playing on the London stage. And the scarf is because he’s a serious actor taking care of his voice as he goes to and from the show.

    You are obviously not theater people, like oh-so-superior moi.

  5. Kay

    My sister had an encounter with him about a year ago and she said he was very down to Earth and dorky in a good. Her description makes me think he definitely has “a sense of humor about himself.”

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