Orlando Bloom Enjoys Nature

January 8th, 2007 // 7 Comments

First, he takes it upon himself to water the rocks. Find out what else he gave to nature after the jump.


Such a pretty picture.


By Jessica Marx

  1. HH


  2. HH

    oooppss my bad, they look so freakishly alike! I had been seeing all those pics of Kiera and her BF on the beach I just assumed this was more of him……….

  3. Elaine

    After I read your first comment HH, I had to stop for a minute to figure out if maybe you were right. They do look oddly similar, especially when their eyes are covered by sunglasses. But yea, your second post is right: that is Orlando, not Rupert. Rupert looks a lot bigger than Orlando. Orlando looks so skinny in these pictures! He also has that tattoo on his stomach.

  4. pitpat

    I had to look at it twice before realising that it wasn’t katie holmes, then a third time just to make sure that it wasn’t really a woman in the first photo!

  5. Major Crazi

    OMG that is not orlando bloom that is a fake tatoo and he is way hotter than that and that is not keira her hair has much more volume orlando blooms hair is not that skiiny and his hair is not that frizzy. Such a lie!! And orlando would never do that in public!!

  6. watson19

    Well Major Crazi you never know what celebraties will and won’t do? I have a question for you as well do you know how many bones that Orlando Bloom has broken because if you do not I will tell you he has fractured his skull several times he has broken his back falling out of a very tall building in which the Docter’s said he may never walk again but he is very stubborn when it comes to walking and being out in Nature, he has broken both of his arms and fingers,he has broken several of his leg bones and possibly his toes as well,he nearly broke his pelvis.So basicly he has broken and fractured every bone in his body by doing his own stunts and I know this for a fact because he said so himself,he likes to skidive,Bungie jump,snowboard,surfing,and rock-climbing do not just go saying stuff that you do not know is true or not ok.

  7. anuja

    he looks sooo hott even while he’s peeing!!!

    and in dat towel pic…..OMG!!!!!!!!

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