More Details On Orlando Bloom’s Wacky Night

Here’s some photographic evidence of Orlando Bloom’s crazy-making the other night. There’s the car he hit. And there’s the club he was at. We didn’t think we needed to run a pic of him because you’ve seen the sensitive elf before. Anyway, it turns out he was rolling up on model Veronica Taylor at the club and that’s why he got in that weird taped confrontation that was bordering on a hookup with Veronica’s “friend” photographer Damon Kidwell, in Kidwell’s car. Then he went and crashed the car HE was driving. What kind of weird French foreign film sexual subtext was going on there? Why didn’t the three of them just drive off a cliff at the end? God, I need to watch “Threesome” again. That’s one of my favorite bad movies of all time.

According to a report from AOL’s TMZ.Com fashion photographer Damon Kidwell was with Taylor. According to the report Kidwell and Taylor were inside a Hollywood club when Bloom “grabbed [Taylor] inappropriately.” The report says that whispers have Bloom acting up and followed the two outside — angering Kidwell.

Then Orlando Bloom got into the front seat of Kidwell’s car, uninvited. TMZ claims “the only reason there wasn’t a fight is because of the cameras.” Kidwell, as you can see in the video, was not happy. However,, you can also see that Veronica Taylor certainly doesn’t look unhappy, giving Bloom a playful tap after the whole strange ordeal.

Reports state that supposedly Taylor and Kidwell are no long romantically involved but something was going on. Orlando was allegedly acting all sorts of weird. He was probably just to trying to get a piece of that man action and Damon wasn’t having it. What? There’s nothing wrong with that. Check the tape cuz’ there’s some tension going on and it ain’t surface!