Orlando Bloom Acts A Fool, Crashes Car

Orlando Bloom was out last night yelling at bitches, and then drove off and got into a car accident. Never go to bed angry and never drive your Toyota Matrix angry. Apparently, his driving skills don’t match his pirating or looking like a sensitive ponytail man skills.

LAPD tells us that Orlando was driving the Matrix when he was cut off by another driver, causing him to crash into a parked Porsche Cayenne. Officers on the scene report speed was not a factor in the accident, nor were alcohol or drugs.

TMZ caught Orlando Bloom last night before he got into a car accident — and something was definitely off about him.

Bloom was leaving Green Door, hiding in a hoodie, when he jumped into the front seat of a random guy’s car and started an argument with the man. It seems like the two were fighting over the man’s wife, though Orlando was oblivious that the two were even a couple.

The Matrix Orlando was pedaling was registered to his “Pirates of the Carribean” director of photography Dariusz Wolski. I guess he can afford to buy him a new one. We need to hear more about this weird argument thing. Why is Orlando hopping put of cars and arguing with people’s husbands? That’s not his style. He’s more Nick Drake “Pink Moon” tried homosexuality in college I wrote this song for you, Cassie.