Orlando Bloom’s Southern Twang in ‘Main Street’

Let the list of reasons why we adore Orlando Bloom continue!

He’s a fantastic husband who understands the necessity of wife Mirando Kerr’s self maintenance, as seen here meeting up with her at the Four Seasons Hotel with son Flynn after her nail appointment in Los Angeles, Ca. Nails or gym outtings, he knows his wife is a “super woman” and supports all her decisions whether big or small.

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Bloom’s dedication to his family is only matched by his dedication to his career, where he constantly challenges himself in new roles. Most recently, he stars alongside Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth in Main Street, which will release later this Fall.

What’s different about Bloom in this role besides the mustache and southern drawl? Well, the depth of character that is sure to come across on screen. Promoted at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, Main Street is the late Horton Foote’s last screen play, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The film, directed by newcomer John Doyle and shot in 2009, tells the story of a run-down North Carolina city that gets a boost when an out-of-town corporation offers to put its dilapidated old buildings to use.

With a star studded cast including Firth, Amber Tamblyn, Andrew McCarthy and Ellen Burstyn, this film is sure to grab the attention of critics. Has it grabbed your attention yet? Check out the trailer after the jump!