Orlando Blooms Looks Ridiculously Adorable & Is An Amazing Father

Some guys just have it all, and Orlando Bloom is definitely one of them. Hotness, talent, successful film career, supermodel wife and, to top it all off, he’s an amazing father. Orlando is on a whirlwind press tour for his new film The Three Musketeers and was spotting leaving his New York hotel room to visit The Today Show.

Seriously, please look at the photos in the gallery and then try to tell me he’s not the cutest thing ever. Like, I’m gonna say it, I think Orlando may be even cuter than his absolutely adorable son, Flynn. Oh Orlando. Look at you in your gray shirt, smiling all sexy like that. His one flaw? Apparently he is a little bit of a heart breaker. But then that’s one side of the story.

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Wife Miranda Kerr doesn’t seem too heartbroken with Orlando. She was telling Page Six what an incredible father he is–something she really likes to brag about. “He’s the best father, I’m really lucky. He wants to do everything. He changes the diapers, we have family bath time. It’s really nice.”

That does sound like quite the fantastic father. Also, I’m amused by the idea of “family bath time.” Like, do they all bath together? Do they just hang out with Flynn as he does his thing? So many questions. Make sure to launch the gallery and appreciate the full extent of Orlando’s beauty.