Orlando Bloom’s Comes Close to Epidural

Above Miranda Kerr totes her newborn baby Flynn while visiting a friend with father Orlando Bloom. The trio are a beautiful match and look the epitome of composure.

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Miranda revealed that the pressures of parenthood have affected the young couple in some ways. After choosing a natural birth for her baby without the use of drugs, Orlando questioned her choice and even offered to take the epidural himself!

“He said, ‘Give me the epidural!'” Kerr recalled. “‘Seriously, if you don’t want it, I’ll take it because right now I’m dying watching you go through this pain. I didn’t realize [Flynn] was going to be such a big baby,” she added.”

Maybe Bloom will expand his acting career to the comedy genre. As for family plans in the future, Miranda seems quite content with the current situation. “I always thought I would have three [kids]. Right now I’m just trying to enjoy Flynn,” Kerr said. “They say the first three years are the most important, so I want to make sure that he gets the attention and the nurturing and love that he really needs. So we’ll see what happens.” Yes we will!