Orlando Bloom Threw A Punch At Justin Bieber In Ibiza And The World Applauded

Open Letter To Justin Bieber
Can you stop being a douche?
Sometimes there are things that happen that remind you the world truly is a magical place. Orlando Bloom punching Justin Bieber is definitely one of those things.

The two got into quite a tussle at a club in Ibiza last night. There were words, there was violence and luckily for us, witnesses have filled us in on what went down. Plus there are videos of everything for you to watch after the jump.

But first, here’s the story. 

Orli and the Biebs were both dining with their entourages at a restaurant in Ibiza last night, when Justin came over to shake Orlando’s hand. Since Orlando does not associate himself with lesser humans, he refused. According to Page Six, Bieber then muttered to Orlando, “She was good.” The she in question? Miranda Kerr.

Just a quick gossip recap before we get back to last night: rumors have been circulating since 2012 that Miranda Kerr and Justin hooked up after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, because Miranda thought it would be funny. And before you ask, yes, she and Orlando were still married at the time.

So you can see why Bieber’s comment would piss Orlando off, right? “They got in each other’s faces and there were words. But they were separated by their entourages,” a source told Page Six. And then when they were brought back together, Orlando went for the punch as the crowd cheered. However, we’re still not sure the punch made contact.

Oh, and because Justin can’t stop being a douche, he yelled “What’s up, bitch?” to Orlando before heading out, and made sure to add, “Say hi to her.” The pièce de résistance of his douchiness? Bieber Instagrammed this picture of Miranda Kerr after the brawl. He’s since deleted it.

As much as I hate the fact that Orlando is kind of on Justin’s level, I do quite love this story. Plus, you know Justin wanted to get a punch in as well over the rumors that Orlando and Selena Gomez had a fling a few months ago. But that didn’t happen!

I cannot wait to see if anything else happens with these two. Check out all the videos of their brawls below–you can see the punch in the first one–and then launch the gallery to appreciate some single Orlando basking in the Ibiza sun before any of this. And friends, Happy Wednesday.