Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Take Adorable Flynn To The US Open

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Days when we get to see photos of Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn make me seriously happy.

So thank goodness the duo was out yesterday, alongside Miranda Kerr, as they headed to the US Open in New York City. The family is currently in NYC where Orlando is playing Romeo in the Broadway revival of Romeo & Juliet. Everything about the production looks awesome.

You know who else looks awesome? Flynn! Look at how big he is now. And I love that he’s pulling a Harper Beckham and smiling for the cameras. Oh and look, Miranda kept her boobs covered. 

Did you guys see what happened to Miranda on the red carpet the other night? She came to adjust her hair and gave everyone a fantastic look at her boobs. Maybe that’s just her thing? In any case, yesterday they were covered and her outfit was flawless. Ugh, why does she have to be so perfect?

Launch the gallery to check out just how adorable the family is. I can’t wait to see if Flynn goes into acting or modeling when he grows up. He is quite the looker.