Orlando Bloom Looks Super Sexy, Catches Flight With Flynn [PHOTOS]

Sexy Orlando
20 photos of Orlando Bloom at his sexiest.
Flynn Loves The Sex Pistols
Flynn Bloom is rocking his Sex Pistols booties!
My oh my, look at that father and son duo. Can we say best ever? I think we can! Love of my life, Orlando Bloom, was spotted hopping on a flight at LAX with his adorable son, Flynn. No word on where the dynamic duo were headed, but we can only assume it’s somewhere fabulous. 

Orlando tried his best to hide Flynn’s face from the cameras–which we totally get–but it’s almost as if the kid likes the attention. Careful Orlando! You might have another performer on your hands! I mean, sure he’s only 1, but he seems to know what’s up. 

Check out all of the photos of Flynn and Orlando being adorable in the gallery. Come on, how can you resist something so cute? Right, you can’t.