Orlando Bloom Looks Sexy In Leather As He Hangs With Cutie Flynn

Flynn's Walking
Despite he's only wearing one shoe, Flynnn Bloom is walking!
If there’s one dad in Hollywood everyone should have a crush on, it’s Orlando Bloom.

I mean, come on, what other person in the world looks as good in leather pants as Mr. Bloom? No other person! Orlando was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend visiting some friends with his ridiculously cute son, Flynn.

Those two have been spending quite a lot of time together the past few weeks. Why, not too long ago Orlando was trying on shirts while hanging out with baby Flynn. Seriously, these two are basically perfect. 

If only Orlando and his wife Miranda Kerr weren’t so cute together, I’d feel better about the fact that I want Orlando all to myself. Side note: why don’t the three of them hang out together more? Is it cause Orlando and Miranda are on completely different career schedules? That’s gotta be no fun.

You know what is fun? Looking at pictures of Orlando and Flynn. One day Orlando will see me and realize we’re meant to me together, but until then launch the gallery and check out all the father and son cuteness. Who’s your biggest celebrity crush? Let us know in the comments!