Orlando Bloom Lands In Turkey, Is Greeted By Some Super Excited Fans [PHOTOS]

Sexy Orlando
20 photos of Orlando Bloom at his sexiest.
It must be incredibly awesome to be Orlando Bloom.

Especially when you land in Istanbul, Turkey and there’s a giant group of fans dressed up, holding signs and waiting just for you! Orlando got to experience just that awesomeness earlier today at Istabnul’s Atatürk Airport. His fans clearly went all out for the occasion!

Some looked to be dressed up as Lord Of The Rings characters, while others seems a bit more confused with their costumes. Where is that one girl with the green cloak and the basket supposed to be from? So what’s Orlando doing in the middle east? 

Looks like he’s there to shoot some ads as the spokesperson for a Turkish ice cream company. Guys, I would eat the shit out of whatever brand Orlando Bloom is hawking. I don’t think people fully understand how much I love this man. Even photos of him sweaty after the gym give me joy.

Check out all the photos of Orlando and his fans in the gallery. Have you ever dressed up to go meet a celebrity? Barring, conventions, of course. There, they’re just asking for it! Let us know your celebrity airport run in stories in the comments!