Orlando Bloom Gives Us A Half Moon As He Leaves LA

Shirtless Orlando Bloom
Walking around New York like it ain't no thang.
Yes, Orlando Bloom accidentally flashed his butt-crack, and no I have no shame in bringing attention to it.

The newest addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame was spotted in Los Angeles today hoping on a flight to leave the city. Umm, Orlando, why are you leaving? Don’t you know that I’m here?

Also, where do you think Flynn is right now? Miranda is most likely still is Asia, and if he’s not leaving LA with his dad then where could he be? 

These are the things I need to know. But Orlando is such a wonderful a father–even Miranda says so–so I assume Flynn is in perfectly capable hands.

The other thing I need to know is when Orlando got so tan. I bet it was the whole coming to LA thing after spending all that time doing Romeo and Juliet in New York. Ah, Orli, how I love thee. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his LAX visit. It’s worth it for that butt crack.