Orlando Bloom & Flynn Carry Toy Swords, Slay Our Hearts With Father-Son Cuteness

Flynn's Walking
He may be wearing only one shoe, but Flynnn is walking!
Shield yourselves, because Orlando Bloom and son Flynn have taken to the streets, armed with weapons.

And no, I’m not talking about those plastic swords in their hands – I’m talking about their lethal level of father-son cuteness, which is threatening to obliterate whatever remains of my feeble heart.

So, how cute are these photos? They are DEFCON 1, prepare-the-armed-forces-because-my-ovaries-are-about-to-have-a-nuclear-meltdown levels of adorableness (note: this is a mere estimation).

Although he officially split with supermodel Miranda Kerr this past October, Orlando Bloom has never looked happier – and with that bundle of joy, who can blame him? Fun fact: Flynn’s full name is Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom. Another fun fact: Flynn’s real parents are a Keelber elf and teddy bear, as mere human genes cannot produce anything that cute and cuddly.

Do your soul a favor and launch the gallery to see the father-son duo gallivanting in the city. And let us know in the comments below – who do think Flynn is taking after? I’m putting my money on Keebler elf.

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