Orlando Bloom Dances On A Yacht, Was Applauded By Leonardo DiCaprio For Punching Justin Bieber

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You know, for the fact that he’s been all over the news lately, Orlando Bloom looks like he just does not care.

My husband The actor was spotted in Ibiza again today, clearly continuing to enjoy his beachside vacation, despite his now famous altercation with lesser human Justin Bieber.

Instead Orlando danced, smiled, looked hot and hung out with the ex-wife of the man his ex Miranda Kerr is seeing. Wait what? Yes. I’m unsure of what Orlando is up to, but I’m amused by it. 

So, did you all hear the hilarious news regarding Bloom, Biebs and Leonardo DiCaprio? According to witnesses at the club when Orland and Justin started fighting, Leonardo was leading the charge to applaud when Orlando punched Justin. The witness told The Mirror, “It was amazing. Everyone stood up and started watching like it was a show and clapping. … DiCaprio was flipping out.”

I love it. And while Justin is trying to get on Orlando’s nerves with that whole “Orlando crying” Instagram photo (and he’s not crying, he was rubbing his eye. Come on Biebs), it must suck for him to know that the world wants to start a “National Orlando Bloom Day”. There’s a petition. Obviously, I’m signing the petition. Launch the gallery to enjoy some carefree and flawless Orli. I love this man.

By Sabba Rahbar

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