Oprah’s ‘Live Your Best Life Walk’ Kicks Ass

No surprise, Oprah is stretching her quads and kicking some major ass for charity. Partnered with Jennifer Hudson, together they’re celebrating O, The Oprah Magazine’s 10th Anniversary with the “Live Your Best Life Walk” at Intrepid Welcome Center yesterday in New York City.

Proceeds will be donated to ten unique
charities, according moo news!.

Hudson said her participation in the “Live Your Best Life
Walk” is just another part of her commitment to show the benefits of
healthy living. From these pictures of her flexing in her yoga pants, her deal with Weight Watchers is sure paying off. Look at that hourglass figure!

Luckily for Oprah the walk wasn’t after a tequila soaked night. Even if it was, surrounded by Hudson and her other girlfriends, Mary J Blige and Gayle King, and go-to doc Mehmet Oz, they would’ve carried her through the walk.

And might I add, how presidential does that thumbs-up look? Just sayin. Oprah, saving the world one day at a time.