Some Silly Mortal Tries To Fuck With The O

Some dude from Atlanta thought it might be a fun idea to try and blackmail $1.5 million from Oprah. Keifer Bonvillain (the man actually has the word “villain” in his last name–I love it) spoke over the phone with an employee at Harpo Studios, threatening to publicy embarrass Oprah if she didn’t pay up. Oh, silly wabbit. From Reuters:

According to the complaint, filed on December 14, Bonvillain first wrote to his target in October and said an employee was saying “awful things” about the individual. Bonvillain then wrote to the person’s business on November 17 and said he had tapes of conversations with the employee that would be embarrassing, according to the complaint. The court documents did not disclose the content of the tapes.

PREDICTION: I will be writing about the death of Keifer Bonvillain’s grisly murder in about a week. Cause of death: beaten to a bloody pulp with a copy of “White Oleander.”

Oprah Winfrey targeted in extortion scheme: report [Reuters]