Oprah Sued by Audience Member

A woman who claims she was injured during an Oprah taping is looking for some money.

A woman sued Oprah Winfrey’s studio Thursday, alleging she was injured in a rush for seats during a taping of the talk show host’s syndicated TV show.

Tayna Milner said she was pushed down stairs between a waiting area and audience seating at Harpo Studios on April 11, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

Her lawsuit accuses the studio in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood of failing to properly control the crowd, which caused Milner to fall and suffer unspecified injuries, the Chicago Tribune reported on its Web site.

Milner is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

I’m shocked she didn’t go the whole hog and ask for 5 badillion. Because you know Oprah’s got that. In Oprah’s defense, she gives away cars, trips and money to her audience sometimes. People could die trying to stake out some seating for that show. This lady’s probably lucky someone didn’t start swinging a machete at her back to get to a seat. Like when you’re exploring the deep jungles of the Amazon and need to get vines and underbrush out of the way so you can make it to the lost temple.

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