Oprah Proves She Still Has The Power To Make People Go Crazy

Yesterday was the premiere of Oprah Winfrey’s last season on television. Of course she was going to pull out all the stops and this time she’s really outdone herself. She announced on Monday’s show that she was taking her entire studio audience to Australia. And then she just kept screaming ‘Australia’ over and over and over.

Watch that for yourself after the jump!

Some 300 audience members clapped, cried and hugged as Winfrey announced the 8-day trip. While in Sydney, the Opera House will be transformed into the ‘Oprah’ house for a taping of her show.

As a cutesy joke, Oprah also introduced their captain but it just turned out to be John Travolta. I’m really unsure how that is supposed to top a 8-day trip to Australia, but whatever. Then in a surprise to Winfrey, Paul Simon turned up to perform a rewritten version of a song dedicated to her.

Her show is expected to go off the air next September, but her new Oprah Winfrey Network is set to debut on cable on January 1.

Check out some photos from yesterday’s show!