Oprah Interviews Pregnant Man

This is my absolute favorite genre of Oprah show episodes–the “did-you-know-this-shit-is-for-real?” ones that reveal some phenomenon that will have housewives gasping and clutching their pearls. Like how a good chunk of gastric bypass surgery patients are developing substance and gambling abuse problems as they transfer their eating addictions to another form. Or whenever husbands and/or wives reveal that they’re really gay. I love this shit.

This one is probably the craziest one I’ve seen in a while. A transgender man, who used to be a woman, recently came on the show and is now six months pregnant with a baby. Thomas Beatie explained to Oprah that when he underwent his gender transformation, “I opted not to do anything with my reproductive organs because I wanted to have a child one day.”

Beatie and his wife were both on the show and apparently, she actually impregnated him when she inseminated him with a syringe using sperm obtained from a sperm bank. Then, in the second segment of the show, Nate Berkus helped them decorate the baby’s nursery and everyone got high on birth control.