Oprah Offers Emotional Apology for Abuse

Allegations of abuse taking place in the girls’ school in Africa, to which Oprah Winfrey has donated millions of dollars, has the talk show host in tears. In the past couple of weeks, Winfrey has visited the South African school to investigate charges that one of the matrons had fondled one of the girls, and that other incidents of physical abuse had been reported by other students as well. Oprah subsequently sent the principal and one other matron on leave, during which time the South African police, as well as the Sexual Offenses Unit and Child Protection, will be conducting investigations about the alleged incidents. Winfrey, for her part, has hired her own personal investigators as well, and was tearful, as she begged the parents of the children for forgiveness at an emergency meeting with them at the school on Sunday, saying,”I’ve disappointed you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

In response, a father of one of the girls told the visibly distraught Winfrey, “It’s not your fault. We don’t blame you.” Nonetheless, Oprah, a victim herself of abuse as a child, offered her phone number, mailing and email addresses asking that she be contacted if anything seems amiss in the future. Man, and to top it all off, this probably totally ruined her weekend. Stuff like this NEVER takes place on a Monday, I’m telling you…

Photos: Getty Images