Oprah is Almost as Powerful as Jesus

Before you get offended by the title, please know that I’m totally kidding. Clearly, Oprah surpassed J.C. when she started giving out free cars. According to Forbes, the talk show host topped their list of the 100 most powerful celebrities this year.

The media mogul is back on top of Forbes’ annual “Celebrity 100 Power List,” which ranks the rich and famous based on earnings and buzz.

Winfrey, who came in third last year, was the top money-maker with an estimated income of $260 million over the past 12 months. She last topped the list in 2005.

And seriously, y’all, she has her own magazine named after her. I could pretend that “Elle” is my magazine, phonetically spelling out the first letter of my name, but that would be delusional and just generally pathetic. Which, we all know, is so completely out of character for me.