Oprah Gets Real

Well, as “real” as reality television can be, I guess. The Great O is broadening her television horizons into the land of prime-time TV with the introduction of two new reality series, according to Reuters:

The first new series, tentatively titled “Oprah Winfrey’s The Big Give,” presents 10 people with large sums of money and other resources and challenges them to find “the most powerful, sensational, emotional and dramatic ways to give to others.” The contestants will gradually be narrowed as the group confronts a “big catch” each week complicating their efforts, with the winner getting his or her “wildest dream come true.” A similar format figured in a recent two-episode broadcast of Winfrey’s talk show in which she gave members of her studio audience $1,000 gift cards and implored them to find ways to help as many people as possible.

A second Winfrey-produced show, this one with the working title “Your Money or Your Life,” will dispatch an “expert action team” each week to help a family overcome a crisis through a “total money and life makeover.” A Harpo spokeswoman said Winfrey planned to appear in at least one of the two new series, but her exact role had yet to be decided.

Ooh, I wonder if this bit of info is newsworthy enough to land Oprah a cover on next month’s “O.”

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